Is Reggie Ragland the missing piece for the Packers?

-Brady VanDeurzen

The NFL Draft is now a day away, about 26 hours away to be more precise, and the “experts” are finalizing their last mock drafts before the big day tomorrow. With the NFL Draft normally being a large toss-up, more or less a guessing game, it makes sense to see so many different opinions from accredited sources. Because of the toss-up nature that the NFL Draft is made up of, it is rare to see a player that is consistently in the same spot. However that is not the case for Alabama’s star Linebacker Reggie Ragland. In recent mock drafts, many sources have Ragland being drafted in the mid-20’s. This placement of Ragland is plausible due to the large amount of other skill position players that are in this year’s draft.  In fact the placement of Ragland in the mid-20’s is so plausible, that not one, but three NFL analysts picked Ragland going to the Packers with the No. 27 pick. This information was taken from, and is supported by Bucky Brooks, Lance Zierlein and Charles Davis.

The unusual amounts of similar selections that state Ragland will be drafted by the Packers don’t mean anything out of the ordinary, after all they are just MOCK drafts. However it is a relatively unusual coincidence, especially at a later pick such as the No. 27 pick that the Packers own. All-in-all, Ragland would be a solid addition to the Packers front seven, and add depth to the Packers defense. And according to the NFL analysts picks, it seems that they may agree with me.


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