Hunter Henry, still a viable option for the Packers

-Brady VanDeurzen

The Packers first round pick was spent on filling their defensive hole left by B.J Raji; now with the Packers defensive issue being addressed, the Packers may look to the offensive side of the ball in the second round. With a prime prospect in Arkansas’s Hunter Henry still being on the board this gives the Packers a definite option.

The signing of Free Agent, Jared Cook may turn the Packers off to picking Henry in the second round. However, Cook is simply an experiment, a TE that was signed to a 1-year contract in order for the Packers to mark his productivity. Picking Henry in the second round would provide the Packers a fall-back option, if the experiment in Cook fails. Henry has has many Pro like qualities as well, and has drawn comparisons to All-Star TE Rob Gronkowski.

Picking Henry would be a very logical pick in the second round, however the Packers front office is notorious for making odd picks when a much more logical pick is presented. Although some of the Packers’ needs are yet to be filled, Henry would be a sound addition to a stagnant offense last year. Henry received many honors in this collegiate years, and is considered by most  NFL analysts to be “NFL ready.”

Here is Hunter Henry’s Highlight video, courtesy of Highlight Creator on Youtube.


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