The Packers, making a very Packers-like pick in DT, Kenny Clark

-Brady VanDeurzen

The pick is in, it is official, UCLA’s Kenny Clark is now a Green Bay Packer. A pick that shocked many Packers fans and NFL fans alike. The Packers selecting Kenny Clark is a relatively peculiar pick, for he was predicted by to be a lower second-round pick. Although the Packers did need a DT, is was not necessarily their biggest need. The Packers passed up on Linebackers like Reggie Ragland, and Myles Jack, which most people believed the Packers would pursue.

With many DT’s still being left on the big board, it is hard to wrap my head around this pick. B.J. Raji was particularly known as a Nose Tackle for the Packers, Clark is a Nose Tackle as well. However Clark was not the highest rated Nose Tackle in this year’s draft, Andrew Billings, from Baylor was ranked significantly higher, and the Packers passed up on Billings as well. Although Clark did receive the honors of being a Third-team All-American, Billings was a First-team All-American, yet the Packers still passed up on him. This Packers pick is just head-scratching, and I can not understand this pick whatsoever. This exact picking strategy has defined Ted Thompson and the Packers front office for years, and although the defense can be made that the Packers consistently make the playoffs, the counter is that the Packers simply have not had a Defensive line stud, arguably since Reggie White.

In total, this pick is very peculiar, and somewhat upsetting, however things may turn out for the Packers with Clark. However with the Packers track record on Defensive lineman picks, that has simply not been the case. So without further ado, here is Kenny Clark’s Highlight video, courtesy of Harris Highlights on Youtube.


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