Summary of draft picks from rounds 4-7 for the Packers

-Brady VanDeurzen

Mr. Irrelevant has been called, and the NFL Draft is officially over. Saturday’s draft day consisted of rounds 4-7, and although these picks are much less popular than rounds 1-3, they are still very important. Teams use rounds 4-7 to build depth at positions, and to add potential play-makers.  Many players from these rounds will either not be on the starting squad, or they will not make the team in general. Yet, these rounds still are relevant, for teams never know what gems they may find with their later picks.

For the No. 130 pick in the draft the Packers finally addressed one of their larger problems, the lack of a coverage linebacker. Blake Martinez from Stanford was the linebacker of choice for the Packers. Martinez was the leading tackler in the Pac-12 with 141 tackles all-together. With the recent release of linebacker Joe Thomas, Martinez will pose as a legitimate possibility for the Packers spotty defense. Martinez has the ability to be a very versatile player in the NFL. Here is Martinez’s highlight film courtesy of ESPN.

Remaining in the fourth round the Packers also added Defensive End, Dean Lowry, from Northwestern. With the No. 137 pick Lowry was a solid addition for the Pack, and at 6-foot-5, 296 pounds, the Packers got a big body to place on their defensive front. Lowry finished as a second-team All-Big Ten honoree with 46 tackles, 13.5 for loss, and three sacks. From Lowry’s highlight film Lowry seems like a strong run-stuffer, and pass-rusher alike, and it will be interesting to see how he fits in to Dom Caper’s scheme. Highlight film courtesy of ESPN.

In the fifth round the Packers picked their first offensive skill player, Wide Receiver, Trevor Davis from Cal. Davis is a 6-foot-1 WR who ran the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine in 4.42 seconds. Davis is burner, he has the ability to take the top off the defense, which is very important in the Packers’ offense. With Jordy Nelson sidelined for the entirety of the 2015 season, the offense was stagnant due to the Packers WR corps lacking a solid deep-threat. Davis brings that deep-threat ability as well as good hands, and can be implemented into the Packers offense over time. Davis was also a very good kick-returner at Cal. Here is Davis’s highlight film, courtesy of ESPN.

With the Packers trading up in the second round to pick Jason Spriggs, the Packers traded away this years seventh round selection, making the sixth round pick the Packers last selection in the 2016 NFL Draft. The Packers had the No. 200 pick in the draft, and they used it to – once again – beef up their offensive line. The Packers selected the 6-foot-6, 305 pound, Kyle Murphy from Stanford. Murphy started all of his senior year as a tackle, and played alongside Jason Spriggs – the Packers second round draft pick – in the Senior Bowl.



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