Jared Cook, the versatility of a Tight End

-Brady VanDeurzen

The Packers made a shocking move on March 28, when GM Ted Thompson scouted the Free Agency and signed TE, Jared Cook. This move was most likely a response to last year’s unexciting offense, and the Packers’ lack of a significant deep-threat at TE. The lack of a physically-imposing TE was apparent, and many Packer fans believed that seeking a TE in the Free Agency was the best move that the Packers could make. However, the Packers Free Agency movement has been very stale throughout the last few years, which made a search for a TE very unlikely by GM Ted Thompson.

In early March, a large opportunity opened up for the Packers when the, in-division rival Chicago Bears, cut their superstar TE, Martellus Bennett. Packer fans began building hype around the idea that the Packers front office would pursue the ex-Bear, and try to sign Bennett to a long-term deal. However, this idea fell through on March 28 when the New England Patriots signed Bennett to be a counterpart to the dynamic, Rob Gronkowski. On top of the signing of Bennett, the Packers brought in ex-Los Angeles Ram, Jared Cook. His tryout ultimately impressed the Packers’ staff, yet the Packers’ front office did not approach Cook after the tryout to sign him.

With Bennett off the board, and Cook leaving Green Bay’s tryout without a contract, many Packer fans thought that Richard Rodgers was going to be the TE of the future for the Packers. With speculation dying, and the hype of a new TE declining, it seemed that the Packers were once again going to remain stagnant in the Free Agency. On March 28, this stagnant Free Agency approach had officially ended for the Packers when they signed Jared Cook to a 1-year deal worth around $3.6 million. The ex-Rams TE had a relatively worse year in 2015 compared to his previous years on both the Titans and the Rams. This “down season” can be attributed to the Ram’s offensive switch to a run-heavy offense behind rookie RB, Todd Gurley. As a result, Jared Cook totaled 39 receptions on 73 targets, averaging 12.3 yards per reception. In all, Cook only gained a total of 481 yards, which was tied for No. 94 amongst all eligible Tight Ends and receivers alike. Although Cook didn’t shock the NFL in 2015, the years prior were very big for him. See for yourself with Jared Cook’s Career Highlight video.                                                                                                            Video Courtesy of Basaraski Productions.


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