Packers’ rookies impress thus far

-Brady VanDeurzen

The Packers’ rookie camp is over and done with, and the Packers’ staff was impressed by a handful of rookies. With the Packers’ offense being unstable in 2015, and their defense being holey at times, the incoming group of rookies could address a few of their issues on both sides of the ball.

Trevor Davis, the Packers’  fifth-round receiver, showed a lot of poise in the camp. Davis flashed his speed frequently, as well as showed off his good hands. During a drill with Packers’ Practice squad cornerback, Robertson Daniel, Davis portrayed his talent. Davis beat Daniel badly on both the Go route, as well as the hitch route. “He’s really fast.” Daniel said. “[…] He understands his opponent. Because a lot of guys I go against sometimes just try to swivel their way by me. He was taking a lot of wide releases (to avoid press-man coverage). He was taking wide releases away from my reach out, away from my strike point. Which is really smart.” Davis will be fighting for a position on the 53-man roster, he will be fighting against some tough competition.

On the defensive side of the ball, Blake Martinez, the Packers’ fourth-round pick from Stanford, also looks like a promising addition to the Packers’ front seven. Martinez, who recorded 141 tackles in his 2015 season at Stanford, is a very solid run-stuffer who has the ability to thump, as well as chase opposing receivers. The Packers had a very thin interior to their defense, Martinez adds a versatile player to the middle.



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