Packers’ Training Camp Day Three: Crockett outplays and Burnett’s versatility

Day Three of the Packers’ training camp was highlighted by Paul Ryan’s visit. The speaker of the house was pleased with the performance of the Packers earlier today, and jokingly made comments on player health.

Outside of the visit, highlights came on the field as well. Players like John Crockett and Morgan Burnett played well. Crockett is running very dominantly, preventing undrafted RBs from surpassing him in the depth chart. As the Packers’ third RB, Crockett is performing well and would provide a nice safety net in emergency situations.

Morgan Burnett also brought some excitement to today’s practice. Burnett took a few plays at linebacker in a few packages. Teams like the Arizona Cardinals and the Los Angeles Rams have taken similar approaches and it would be intriguing to see how the Packers implement Burnett into the linebacking position in the regular season.


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