Packers Preseason: Oakland Raiders


Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 1.27.03 PM

-Brady VanDeurzen

Things to look for:

The Packers return to Lambeau tonight for their final game at home for 38 days. Last week’s game against the Cleveland Browns saw many abnormalities; three safeties and a myriad of incomplete passes. Although the end result was a positive one for the Packers, winning 17-11, the overall play was discouraging.

In tonight’s game versus the Oakland Raiders, I, like many other Packer fans, hope to see better performances across the board. If the Packers can achieve this elevated pace, they will be a tough team to overcome.

Tonight’s game against the Raiders is likely to boast more first and second-team players alike. Players like Brett Hundley, Blake Martinez and Kenny Clark are likely to receive an abundance of playing time in accordance.

Players that are “on the fence” will be out in full force tonight, fighting for a spot on the 53-man roster, players like Jayrone Elliot, Geronimo Allison and John Crockett will all be exhibiting their bests this evening.

The Packers win tonight if…

The Packers will record the W if young receivers step up to replace Jeff Janis and Jordy Nelson. Flashing what these young receivers have is vital for both their future as a Packer, and for the team to win this evening. With these voids, players will better be able to impress both the fans and the coaching staff. Positions like gunners on special teams, and even kick and punt returners are also positions that these young receivers can prove themselves in. If these receivers play impressively this evening the Packers will take home the W.

Also the Packers will win if Brett Hundley impresses. Brett Hundley originally believed that he had five preseason games to hone his skill as backup QB. However, due to cancellations and injury, Hundley has been unable to perform in a preseason game thus far. Last week’s game saw a lot of bootlegs and running plays due to the lack of talent at the 3rd and 4th position at QB, however, Hundley brings a breath of fresh air in the passing game and will likely spread the field much more.  If the promising backup shines in tonight’s game, they will be a hard team to stop.


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