Mortell falls short; amongst five other releases

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 2.47.15 PM

-Brady VanDeurzen

The stats weren’t enough to keep, Punter, Peter Mortell in Green Bay. The Green Bay native, made for a interesting story in the preseason and for many, he was a fan favorite. However, general managers and head coaches rarely take a player’s background story into account when deciding who makes the cut.

Regardless of his story, Mortell had a fairly impressive preseason stretch. Although Mortell’s punts were typically longer than those of Packer veteran Tim Masthay (approximately 2.5 yards longer), Masthay’s punts averaged around .30 seconds more of hang time.

With the punting battle being so close, swapping a veteran punter for a less experienced one did not seem like a necessary move by the Packers; ultimately leading to Mortell’s release. DT Demetris Anderson, CB Randall Jette, WR Jamel Johnson, LB Derrick Mathews and WR Ed Williams make up the Packers’ first six to be cut, they will need to cut six more players by tomorrow.


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